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At Femmecina we offer a variety of Rituals that we refer to as guiding lights. These lights of action engage you to be the steward of your own environment, to take care of your physical and emotional body, and to be responsible for your actions. The value of rituals lies in their inherent ability to facilitate action. Rituals can greatly enhance health, happiness, and transformation. Each Ritual teaches that sending prayers and offering blessings are essential practices that have the power to uplift and transform our life. 


Femmecina Rituals create the fertile foundation for you to merge the Sacred into your environment, your home, your dreams, your body, and your prayers.

Femmecina Rituals

Land/ Home Blessing

An offering ritual for you to acknowledge the land you live in. This ritual is designed for you to educate yourself on the name of the land, the ancestors of the land, and the holy beings of the land. Holy beings are the mountains, the trees, the plants, the animals, the nature. This ritual may include a home blessing. A home blessing is a ceremony with the intention of thanking your home for giving you shelter, warmth, protection, and support. Sometimes the land or your home may need a clearing before this ritual which will be determined in your consultation.

Yoga Sessions

Kristina offers individual yoga sessions both in person and online. Each session is an embodied yoga ritual specifically designed for you and your requests. Kristina helps to awaken your inner knowing and supports a deepening relationship to one's body. The container is calm and open leaving space for you to ask questions and for reflection. These Yoga Rituals are designed to guide you to create a structure for your personal practice.

*Kristina also offers group yoga classes weekly.

Prayer Bundles

An offering ritual requested for a special initiation such as a birth, death, etc. A prayer bundle is a tangible item made of material and specific medicines. Kristina guides and educates you on the essence of prayer and how to make a bundle. Bundles are an actionable way to illuminate our devotion to life itself. Once the bundles are made they become a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.

Kristina will carefully craft a personalized Prayer Bundle Ritual in which you will make together. You will receive a detailed ingredient list of items before your scheduled ritual.

I Welcome You to Work with Me

*Consultations are not required for personalized yoga sessions.

For all other Femmecina Rituals, please schedule a 60 min visionary consultation with Kristina to share what’s on your heart. Kristina facilitates a creative space for you to express. Together we decide which ritual or a combination is best to begin. After the consultation, Kristina carefully craft a personalized ritual for you.

Exchange: $60 per hour. Each consultation session is online via the zoom platform.


Exchange for each ritual begins at $120 per hour after your initial consultation.


*We hold space for Femmecina Rituals that are in the spirit of reciprocity without exchange. This option is always available and depends on the nature of the ritual. Please contact us if you'd like more information. 

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